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Josephine Baker in front of backdrop of steamboat named Memphis by ⓑⓘⓡⓒⓗ from memphis on Flickr.

This photograph of Josephine Baker was taken by famed photographer James Abbe. James Abbe first made a name for himself photographing movie stars in New York, Paris, and London throughout the 1920’s and 1930’s. His most well-known black-and-white photographs are of celebrities. He was unlike most photographers of his time because he did not do his work in his studio. This changed the way the world viewed publicity stills. Abbe sold his photographs to magazines like “Vogue” and “Vanity Fair” to make money. His son James Abbe and daughter in law, Kathryn Abbe were also highly successful photographers that worked for mainstream magazines. Kathryn Abbe and her twin sister Frances McLaughlin are credited for paving the way for women in the world of fashion and magazine illustrations. It is truly an amazing family legacy. 

(Information regarding James Abbe was shared by George C. Grimaldis)


"I was just doing some portraits of her [on the set of Two For The Road] and a bird flew down on her shoulder, she [closed] her eyes, I took the picture and the bird flew off. It was all done in a split second. I suppose she saw the picture [potential]. She was a great woman to photograph, you couldn’t miss with her.” 

- Renowned photographer Terry O’Neill on his photograph of Audrey Hepburn, taken in St. Tropez in 1967. See more images from the celebrity photographer’s career, with comments on each by O’Neill himself, in our full gallery.

Terry O’Neill/Iconic Images/Izzy Gallery

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